2016 schedule

Note: the schedule is subject to change, and details will be added as fast as we can.

Events without a link have more details coming. 

Thursday October 20th 2016

11AM Paradise Doors open

12-12:15 Opening talk

12:30-1 Get the Perfect Tattoo Seminar - Learn everything Off the Map Tattoo knows about collecting world class tattoos. *included with all passes

12:30-3:30 Bloodbourne Pathogens and infection control by Josh Suchoza $50

12:30-2:30 The Art of Teaching: Insights on crafting great tattoo seminars by Jeff Gogue and Nick Baxter $125

2-3 Off the Map LIVE Interviews. *included with all passes

4-5 Building a GREAT Tattoo Business - by Gabe Ripley *included with artist passes

4-6 Advanced cover-ups for tattooists with James Kern $150

4-6:30 What is it? A biomech seminar with Markus Lenhard $225

6-7 Tattoo.TV Interviews *included with all passes

7-8 BBQ *Tattooing Artist/Vendor/Sponsor pass required. 

9-10 Opening Panel *included with all passes Sponsored by Eternal Ink

10 - ? Opening Party! Hang out with a zillion like minded artists and have some tasty beverages care of Eternal Ink

Friday October 21st

9-10 Yoga with Rachel Gonzalez *Tips appreciated

11AM Paradise doors open & tattooing begins!

11:30-12 Get the Perfect Tattoo Seminar - Learn everything Off the Map Tattoo knows about collecting world class tattoos. *included with all passes

12-3 Limit-less with Jason Butcher and Lianne Moule $225

12-4 Oils and ink, a primary pallet with Matt Driscoll $150

12:30-1:30 Part Time Pirates with Jeff Gogue *included with artist passes

2:30-4:30 Leveling up: Pushing Your Art to the Next Level with James Kern $150

2:30-3:30 Laser Lightening for Cover-ups with Disappearing Inc

4:30-7:30 Flow & Fit: A Hands-On Workshop with Guy Aitchison $175

4:30-5:30 Deep ThINK: A Philosophy of Tattoos with Laura Sizer *included with all passes

5-8 Small Group Business consulting & Strategy Session with Gabe Riply $250

6-7 Off the Map LIVE! with Guest TBA *included with all passes

8-9 Discussion Panel - *included with all passes Sponsored by H2Ocean

11-? Bob Tyrrell's Drink and Draw Party - Watch Bob Tyrrell's new DVD "Hair of the Dog" in the background and win prizes for the best "Nature tattoos for conservation" *included with artist passes

Saturday October 22nd

9-10AM Yoga with Rachel Gonzalez *Tips appreciated

11AM Paradise doors open

11:30-1 Tattooer Critique - Tattooers bring your best tattoo and get a critique *included with artist passes

11:30-1:30 The Jade Effect with Laura Jade $125

11:30-3:30 Tattoo The Body Electric with Hannah Aitchison $175

11:30-1:30 Evaluating Art: Principles for Effective Critique with Nick Baxter $125

1:30 - 3:30 Guy Aitchison coaches apprentice Ben Licata during a tattoo session. Open Q&A *included with artist passes

2:30-4:30 Tattooing the Impossible with James Kern $170

3:30-4:30 Support your body support your business with Rachel Gonzalez $75

4-5 TattooNOW Website seminar & critique - Learn about TattooNOW and have your website critiqued! *included with all passes

4:30-7:30 Markers are a mans best friend with Damon Conklin $125 

5-7:30 Hold Fast by Jeff Gogue $175

5-8 Coverup: The Next Level with Guy Aitchison $175

5-6 Off the Map LIVE! with Ben Licata interview TBA *included with all passes

6:30-7:30 Tattoo Smart Demo with Russ Abbott *included with all passes

8-9 Discussion Panel *included with all passes Sponsored by Kingpin Tattoo Supply

11-?:  Party - hosted by Off the Map Tattoo

Sunday October 23nd

9-10AM Yoga with Rachel Gonzalez *Tips appreciated

11AM Paradise doors open

11:30-12:30 Tattoo Smart Demo with Russ Abbott *included with all passes

11:30-3 Funky color with Ivana $325

11:30-1:30 101 Tattoo Tips That Can Change Your Career Forever with Larry Brogan $150 

11:30-2:30 Stefano Alcantara $ TBA

12:30-4:30 Fantastic Realms with Ernesto Nave and Christian Perez $175

12:30-2:30 llumination: A cartoonists approach to dynamic Lighting with Shawn Crystal *included with all passes

3-6:30 Don't Fight The Brain by Lux Altera $225

3-6 Bob Tyrrells Black and Grey Madness $ 225 (Includes copy of new DVD "Hair of the Dog")

3:30-6 The Tattooist's Palette by Russ Abbott $175

5-6 Closing panel *included with all passes Sponsored by Intenze

7-8 Tattoo of the Day *included with all passes